Why I love Autumn

​Hello everyone

It’s been a while since my last post (sorry for that) but here I am today,back with another post.

So it’s been a month since Autumn started and I felt the need to share with you why I love it.But in Greece,as it is located in southern Europe,Fall has just begun (properly).Until now the weather was warm and we would go out wearing just a t-shirt,ripped jeans and even sandals.But it’s been a week now that the weather has changed and it is FINALLY cold!

In general,Autumn is #2 of my 2 favourite seasons (#1 is Winter) and here’s why I love it:

(1.) Orange is everywhere
I don’t know about you but orange is my favourite colour since I was five years old.I know that it’s a bright colour and many people don’t like it but I flippin love it!Especially in Autumn orange is literally everywhere!There are orange sweaters & hats in each and every clothing shop and even the streets are orange thanks to the fallen leaves.Everything is more beautiful this way,isn’t it?

(2.) Rainy days

I am a huge fan of rain.I mean this is what I live for.Unfortunately I don’t live in London,a city famous for its rainy days,and I live in a country,where the sun is shining 300 days out of the 365.So when it rains,I’m literally so happy I go out and dance in the rain like a crazy person.For real.

(3.) Autumn candles

Lighting candles is for sure one of my favourite things to do when I am stressed or just wanna chill out.And what would be better than an Autumn candle to keep you company during the cold evenings of November?Nothing.I have many candles and especially Autumn ones and I love them all.I think I just couldn’t leave without having them!

(4.) Hot coffee & books

So I’ve been thinking…which is the best thing you can possibly do in Autumn?Carving pumpkins?Going for long walks in the rain?Eating Halloween candy?None of them.For me the best thing anyone could do in Autumn is reading good books and drinking hot coffee (or tea).This is the best way to unwind and to escape time.




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