My Christmas Diary 2016

Hello everyone

Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year!I wish you only the best and I hope that 2017 will be much better than 2016.

This Christmas my family and I travelled to London and we stayed with my mum’s cousin in Enfield (it’s about an hour away from the city’s centre using the bus & the metro).So today I’m writing about the 7 days I spent in London.Enjoy!
Friday 23/12

Today is the day.We’re finally leaving and no more school for 15 days.I’ve already packed my stuff for London (3 jumpers,3 pairs of jeans,pjs & of course other necessary things).I can’t wait!I’m so excited!We’re leaving at 10:20 p.m. with Ryanair and we’re landing in Stansted airport.


We now are in the airport of Thessaloniki.We’ve already checked in for our flight and in one & a half hour we’re flying.Omg we’re so close!Now we’ll grab something to eat from a café.


It’s been 2 hours and nothing!Our flight’s delayed.Great!Now the new time is 11:05 p.m. and we’re waiting for over 45 minutes to board our plane…


Yay!We’re leaving!So in about 3 hours we’ll be in London.


We’re here!Finally!Time for the passport control and then we’ll go home.

Saturday 24/12 (Christmas Eve)

Today we’re going shopping!We’re visiting a mall.We’ll take the bus 329 to Turnpike Lane and we’ll stop to Wood Green.


Okay okay…I must admit that I’ve spend a bit too much in Primark.But how is it possible to resist to it’s PYJAMA SECTION?Now we’re heading to Weatherspoon café in Wood Green.I feel like ordering a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows on top.Mmmm…


My family usually has the Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve so we’re having our Christmas dinner tonight!Yay!


Yummy.Our dinner was really good.We had turkey and mash and of course Christmas pudding!It’s actually the second time I eat Christmas pudding and I can tell that I really like it.

Sunday 25/12 (Christmas Day)

A very merry Xmas to you all!Today will be a chill day.We’ll stay in our pjs all day long.But we’re going to eat in a Turkish restaurant in Enfield.I’ve never tried Turkish food before and to be honest I’m not looking forward to trying it.


Oh my Lord!That was so tasty.I had chicken donner with rice and mushrooms and some Caesar’s salad.And I had some chocolate fudge cake for dessert.So yummy!
Monday 26/12

Today is shopping day No.2!We’re visiting a mall (don’t know the name) which is half an hour far from Enfield.We called an Uber so he must be on his way atm.


We’ve arrived!Now we’re heading to Victoria’s Secret and I’m definitely going to buy some bits.


Now that we’re done from Victoria’s Secret we’re going to H&M.To be honest I don’t really like H&M in Greece but here,I think I could buy the whole store!


We’ve bought so many stuff!Now we’re eating some Christmassy Lola’s Cupcakes and seriously if you ever find a Lola’s Cupcakes shop please try their cupcakes.They taste amazing.They’re literally out of this world!

Now we’re going to Boots in Enfield to get some makeup goodies from there.

Tuesday 27/12

So today we visited Covent Garden and it was fantastic.I really liked it and I had the best cookie ever from Ben’s Cookies,a little shop in a Covent Garden’s corner.


 Then we visited Leicester Square,one of my favourite squares in London and of course we visited the M&M shop which is simply amazing for me.I could literally stay there forever eating M&M.


Later we had lunch in a pub called Lamb & Flag and I had the best chicken schnitzel ever.

Wednesday 28/12

This day was the best of all!We woke up early in the morning and went to London’s centre.We visited Harrods and then Topshop.


Later we went for a walk at Hyde Park and we saw so many cute little squirrels and ducks.We also visited the Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben.But we walked so much.I mean neither Hyde Park nor Green Park is small,right?

Thursday 29/12

So today is a lovely day but it’s too cold!Nevermind we’ll be fine.We’re going to Enfield’s mall this time and I can’t wait to do my last shopping in the UK.


Yaaaas!Boots & Topshop & New Look thank you very much!Superdrug you were amazing!SO.MUCH.SHOPPING.


Oh!We also visited the Weatherspoon café in Wood Green too and this time I had a lemon tart with berry sauce.Yummy!

Friday 30/12

We’re leaving today (*imagine Kim Kardashian’s crying face*)!I don’t want to leave!But I’ve already packed my suitcase and in an hour we’re leaving for the airport.


Our flight is scheduled for 4:40 p.m. this afternoon.We’ve checked in and now we’re having some Starbucks hot chocolates and some carrot cake.


We’re leaving now.We’re on the airplane and we’re about to take off.Goodbye London.I’ll miss you.




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