My review on Kylie Cosmetics

Hello everyone
On 18th December I placed an order on and it’s been 3-4 weeks since it arrived.I live in Greece and it was also the holiday season so I completely understand that my order was shipped a bit later than expected and arrived a few days later than I expected.

Anyways,now I have my cosmetics and that’s the important thing in this whole situation.When they came they were placed in a cute little black box and when I opened it all my lipkits were there.Like,the order was correct and the right shades were sent to me.

So now it’s time to talk about the actual products.I’m a huge fan of Kylie Jenner and I’ve wanted to order some of her products for a long time,so when my father asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year (don’t forget that I’m still a high school student) the answer was simple;Kylie lipkits.

I ordered Ginger,Kristen,True Brown K,Love Bite,Brown Sugar,Heir and Exposed.The total for these was 144$ but I also ordered a holiday Pompom Keychain (10$) and I was lucky enough to get one holiday lipkit called Merry (30$) for free.Additionally, the international shipping was free (yay).

The truth is that I expected to be a bit disappointed by the lipkits but I was wrong.I tried them and I was so impressed because they were all so pigmented & matte and they smell like vanilla ice cream.However,I was disappointed with  Heir ‘s consistency, as it is kind of patchy and nothing like I thought it would be.Something that also triggered me was that it’s so hard to remove them.Luckily my cousin came to the rescue and she suggested me to use some Vaseline to take them off and she also advised me to always wear a lip conditioner before putting them on my lips.

So in general,I am really happy with my purchase and I’m thinking of buying some more cosmetics from Kylie Jenner ‘s site soon.I believe that my favourite shade of them all is Ginger .

What about you?Have you purchased any products from Kylie Cosmetics yet?If not,would you like to?Send me your answers in the comments below đŸ™‚

(1.Heir 2.True Brown K 3.Love Bite 4.Brown Sugar 5.Merry 6.Exposed 7.Kristen 8.Ginger)




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