Why not to quit

Quitting always sounds like the ‘easy’ option and trust me, it is.Quitting is the easiest thing anyone can do.People call it quits all the time but that’s the worst thing we do.We quit.And why is that?Just because we’re so weak and we don’t want to urge ourselves to do anything that is harder or more demanding than something we use to do.

I started this blog 9-10 months ago and after a while I stopped writing posts.Why?Because I quit.I thought that nobody would ever want to read it and that I would never be a popular blogger.But now, I’ve come to the realisation that I don’t want any of these stuff.I don’t need ‘fame’ and I don’t want to write about things that ‘sell’.All my previous posts -which are now deleted- were so boring and dull because all the topics I used to write about were EVERYWHERE on the internet.I mean I was not original and I thought that if I wrote about ‘mainstream’ stuff more readers would enjoy my blog’s content.

Now though, I decided that I am going to write for whatever I love and I am passionate about or even about my daily life.Because I know that I won’t quit.I will be doing something that makes me happy and the last few months I learnt not to care about the likes, the comments and the shares.They’re just numbers.Nothing more.

I will not quit this time.I promise.And I don’t mind if nobody wants to read my blog.I will read it.And I will do it with pride.

But you shouldn’t quit either.No matter what.Be strong, be you and never give up.




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